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Wishing you love, health and happiness in 2014.


Because of customers like you, the Fair Trade co-ops that we work with have grown so much this past year!  Here is just a few of the ways your One World Fair Trade purchase has made a difference in 2013:

Tara Projects opened a new Physiotherapy Unit at their artisans' local community healthcare center in New Delhi providing affordable   therapy for those with back and joint disease who could otherwise not afford it.


Our Nepal based artisan partner Kumbeshwar Technical School celebrated their 26th year!  Your knitwear purchases funded primary and   nursery school education for 210 children.


Our artisan partner Toucan Krafte was able to send 3 times as many children to preparatory school because of an increase in jewelry and   accessory orders!


Kumbeshwar Technical School was able to bring on 1179 new women artisans in their knitting production unit and Toucan Krafte in   New Delhi brought on 39 new jewelry artisans!


Tara Projects helps run two schools in the Firozabad district in India.  150 children who had been involved in child labor are now being educated at these two schools.


Tara Projects has seen record setting enrollment in their Micro Credit Program which provides loans to local entrepreneurs looking to   start their own business.  Over 390 beneficiaries have received loans so far and due to the programs success the loan amount has been increased from   5-10,000 rupees to 15,000 rupees.


   Your purchases have played an instrumental part of helping to improve the lives of more artisan communities around the world and we thank you for being part of One World Fair Trade.  It's a privilege to work with our customers, artisans and our wonderful staff. 



Ray & Annette Ballestero