Happy Mother's Day May 09 2014, 1 Comment

One World Fair Trade would like to wish all the Mothers of our World a very

Happy Mother's Day! 

Mothers Make a World of Difference

It's universally acknowledged that mothers are amazing.

Today is the day to reflect and honor mothers for all that they do.


One World Fair Trade would not exist if it were not for the hard work and dedication of so many mothers from around our world.  These mothers are our co-workers, our dedicated employees, our talented artisans, entrepreneurs and community leaders.


Mothers will continue to inspire us with their commitment and determination to provide for their children, create a future and teach them that dreams are possible.


Today, we wish to honor the sacrifices they make on behalf of their family, and express our profound appreciation for the hard work and love responsible for so many of the products that we are so fortunate to have on our shelves.

 We believe that every product has a story and today, the story is about motherhood.


Happy Mother's Day!

Ray & Annette Ballestero
One World Fair Trade