Cardinal Newman High School Becomes 17th Fair Trade School in Nation! July 22 2014, 0 Comments

Lelaina Beyer, a Cardinal Newman High School Senior came up with the idea of making Cardinal Newman a certified Fair Trade high school after talking to the owners of a Fair Trade store in downtown Healdsburg, One World Fair Trade. “When I talked to her, she mentioned that Healdsburg is a Fair Trade town and that there are colleges that are Fair Trade. I figure that if a whole town or university could do it, a small high school could too”.

Cardinal Newman High School in Healdsburg, California, is part of a new national initiative by Fair Trade Campaigns to engage K – 12 students in issues of global poverty, is proud to announce its official designation as a Fair Trade School. With over 500 Fair Trade Schools in the United Kingdom alone, the USA program grew out of work in Europe and the increasing demand for Fair Trade and ethically produced products to be incorporated into institutional purchasing.

“There are few things more exciting than seeing today’s youth come to understand the role that they can play as consumers in making the world a fair and just place. To see them become not just conscious consumers, but advocates for Fair Trade, should challenge all of us to do the same. Connecting even more people through our campaigns to a movement with so many inspiring stakeholders like the range of certifiers, associations and businesses committed to making a difference, allows us to show the school community how they can make a difference now, and that there are real ways to do so in their careers as well.” Billy Linstead Goldsmith, National Coordinator, Fair Trade Campaigns.

As owners of One World Fair Trade we were honored when Lelaina contacted us for guidance regarding Fair Trade as her senior project. We watched as she worked with students and faculty throughout the year to educate and raise awareness in her High School. In June of this year, Lelaina invited us to watch her class presentation and announce her accomplishment of reaching all of the goals established by Fair Trade Campaigns for Cardinal Newman to be declared the 17th Fair Trade School in our nation!

“Fair Trade is way of doing business that is fair and ethical. It is an environmental and a labor movement. All workers are paid a living wage, work in conditions that are safe, and they receive benefits for their work. No children are used in the production of the good so children now have to time to attend school. Fair Trade gives workers back their dignity because this is a hand up and not a hand out.” Lelaina Beyer.

Congratulations Lelaina on accomplishing your Senior Project and High School graduation. We wish you much success in your very bright future.


Ray & Annette Ballestero