Does buying a Fair Trade Gift make a Difference? February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Farmers, Artisans and Producers who choose to participate in Fair Trade will often claim that they feel a real sense of pride & control over their future. They claim that they now have a voice and feel empowered.
Shopping Fair Trade returns a living wage and often a community premium to the artisans. This gradually improves and empowers entire communities as they cooperatively use this investment for education, better housing, better schools and medical facilities in their own community.
Fair Trade helps artisans organize into cooperatives and creating business models which improve their negotiating position within the supply chain by understanding their rights, learning to negotiate better terms and collective bargaining.
Fair Trade is based on several Principles protecting human rights such as a safe & healthy work conditions and workplaces that are free from discrimination, be it race, gender, religion, pregnancy or disability. Workplaces free from Forced and Child Labor.
Fair Trade is really just business being done the way it should be done, with mutual respect for all parties involved. Purchasing a Fair Trade product is a simple step of love, with a giant impact.
Thank you for your support,
One World Fair Trade