Mother Daughter Fashion, the Fair Trade Way October 06 2017, 0 Comments

Mother Daughter Style

Like mother like daughter?  Not always a great thing when it comes to how we dress.  The term “mother daughter fashion” might bring to mind cringe inducing awkward family photos, or memories of being forced to wear something horribly unflattering because it matched.  This is exactly what I would picture before becoming a mom.  Now however, there is something in me that beams at the chance to coordinate with my daughter and it does make for a wonderful photo opportunity. With Mother’s Day fast approaching it’s the perfect time to take cheery family pictures that will bring you happiness for years to come.  A good way to create a cohesive but not “matchy-matchy” look is to wear similar pieces each flattering and age appropriate for the wearer, but not necessarily the same.  Dresses in the same fabric or color family for example, or a t shirt and jeans combo in similar or complimentary hues. 

What better way to create a wonderful memory with your daughter than to wear something made by amazing mothers in Ghana.  You can feel good dressing yourself and family in beautifully handcrafted apparel from Global Mamas, whether it is for a special occasion or just every day.  Global Mamas mission is to empower each mama by creating prosperity through the beautiful work they do, they are amazingly talented seamstresses, experts at batik, skilled beaders and so much more.  For them being prosperous goes beyond financial well-being and includes happiness and good health. The true worth in that beautiful mission is evident in each lovingly made piece. The cotton is light and easy care, the patterns full of whimsy (notice the pineapples on my daughters dress) and the colors are so rich and beautiful.  For me they are a pleasure and an honor to wear.



 For details on either dress pictured please contact the shop. Other dresses by Global Mamas that we carry can be found here and here.