The best Christmas gifts come with a great story! December 09 2017, 0 Comments

Best Christmas gifts

We all know that the very best gifts come with great stories and with a Fair Trade gift, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Conscious consumerism is getting a lot more attention these days as shoppers have started to take a hard look at the often exploitative practices of cheaply made, mass produced products.

As first world consumers living in a globalized economy, our choices can have a dynamic impact on people living in developing countries. Much of the mass produced products prevalent in the United States is manufactured in developing third world countries. Unfortunately, many of these products are laden with high human costs. In an effort to continually cut expenses, companies regularly violate labor laws and ignore basic human rights to increase output. The result is often in the form of a sweatshop with dangerous conditions.

By purchasing Fair Trade gifts this holiday season, you enable producers to financially support themselves and their families. The holiday season is a perfect time to give meaningful gifts to the people we love and at the same time express our preferences through our purchases. Fair trade products have a positive impact on the producers, their families, and communities.

Maybe it's a Colorful Pom Pom Hat that was handmade from an NGO that supports & empowers over 2,000 women knitters or a Recycled Silk Sari Coiled Bowl that was handcrafted from recycled silk scraps transported on the backs of the villagers over a two day mountain trek in the Himalayas just to support a community hardest hit by the Nepal earthquake.

Fair trade products connect people and say "no" to mass produced misery, "no" to quotas & forced overtime, "no" to child labor. Join the growing socially conscience movement and choose handmade Fair Trade gifts for a happier & more equitable world.