Fair Trade Baskets & Bowls

Fair Trade Baskets & Bowls


Every culture or society to have ever existed has needed a way to transport and store things.  One World Fair Trade has an eclectic mix in our handmade fair trade baskets, bowls and boxes.  So whether you have searching for the perfect fair trade basket for the Farmer’s market or an African or Asian Grass Baskets to display on you wall as art, we have it, artisan crafted, handmade from many different materials from exotic places in our world.

We carry traditional woven baskets made of Eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as our Kaisa Grass & Jute Basket from Bangladesh or African Rafia Baskets from Uganda. Check out our bread warmer basket, also from Bangladesh- simply kaisa and terra cotta but such an innovative design. You will love the stunning simplicity of the weaving work we see from Asian Baskets.  A beautiful handmade fair trade basket or fair trade bowl or box filled with goodies makes a lovely gift.

We have bowls made out of recycled newspapers from the Philippines, all handmade by women rescued from sex trafficking. In the same vein we have up-cycled bowls made out of magazine misprints from Vietnam.  We also carry bowls made of re-purposed bicycle chain from India, a fabulous and unique gift for cyclists and re-cyclists alike. Check out our ceramic bowls from Guatemala and Vietnam, great for soup, pho or dips. We have unique boxes and bowls handmade in Kenya out of Kisii stone, a type of soapstone found only in the Kisii region of Africa.

You can feel great about your purchase of a fair trade basket not only for the functionality it will bring to your home but because of the good that it does. Every product we carry is authentic and handmade.  Our artisan partners who make our wonderful products are paid a fair, living wage and ensured safe working conditions. Our artisan partners strive to use recycled or ecologically sustainable materials to create their fair trade baskets and bowls whenever possible.

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