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Our Handmade Fair Trade Bracelets, Bangles & Cuffs are handcrafted pieces of Ethical Fashion. From exquisite to trendy casual, bracelets for men, women or couples we have something for everyone. Our collection includes pieces from Master Craftsmen of Indigenous Tribes using High Grade Silver to Women Jewelry Artisans that go through training programs to learn to create our authentic fair trade bracelets using available & recycled materials such as nuts and seeds, buttons and beads.

Our handmade bracelets collection features leather wraps made from cruelty-free leather, bronze and waxed string or attention grabbing cuffs weaved of Kantha fabric or ribbon and bangles made of luminous resin or wire. Maybe you’re looking for a baroque cuff bracelet reminiscent of 1600's Rome or a metallic serpentine wrap with ornate texture that gives motion, we have it!

Whether it’s the exquisite up re-purposing of the skirt of a traditional Huiple and the up-cycled flower lapel from a dress to create the detail our beautiful Guatemalan fair trade bracelets or the re-use of vintage watch faces and Czechoslovakia glass beads you will find handmade at its best!

Our entire collection of Handmade Fair Trade Bracelets, Bangles & Cuffs preserve age old skills and inspire new fashion foreword design, so all are Bracelets with a Cause. Your purchase helps to maintain these traditional and modern crafts and provide much needed income to marginalized areas of our world that improve the standard of living for families and villages.

Each and every one of our handmade bracelets is a piece of jewelry that creates opportunity and represents the Slow Fashion movement.  One World Fair Trade is dedicated to bringing you art from the far reaches of our world through handcrafts while supporting human rights.  Your purchase anyone of our fair trade bracelets makes a difference and every product is authentic and tells a story. Wear something that not only looks fabulous but feels fabulous, inside & out!

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