Ethical Fair Trade Clothing

Ethical Fair Trade Clothing


Ethical Fair Trade Clothing and Apparel for Socially Conscience Women & Men including Sweatshop Free dresses & skirts, tunics and tops, robes & kimonos. We even have jackets and ponchos, pajamas, tights and socks. All of our fair trade ethical clothing is handmade from a variety of sustainable natural materials such as organic cotton, naturally cultivated silk, alpaca wool & organic natural & vegetable dyes.

Our fashion forward Fair Trade handmade clothing collection runs from Bohemian Dresses to Vintage inspired Blouses, Embroidered Skirts to Women’s Jackets and Sweaters. Our ethical handmade clothing uses traditional methods and art forms such as hand block printing, hand weaving and hand embroidery,  Batik and Tie Dye, Kantha and IKAT.

When you choose to purchase and wear ethically produced, handmade fair trade clothing you are choosing to invest in a more sustainable and healthy international system of trade; one which invests in people and the planet by following strict principles. You are choosing to invest not only in ethical fashion but creativity, human dignity and the environment. This helps to transform communities by empowering women, men and families through dignified employment giving those economic power and viable working skills.

The clothing and apparel industry has a long history of sweat shops, forced labor & child labor. Certified Fair Trade clothing production focuses on the entire supply chain, from the Organic Cotton Farmers to the Socially Conscience Consumer ensuring safe and healthy working environments where artisans and farmers receive a living wage, a premium and have a voice in how their workplace is run. Premiums are used to improve the local economy by building schools for education and improving access to healthcare.

Our ethical fair trade clothing supports sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint to help reduce the impact of chemical byproducts in the environment, and in the garments that we wear. We believe that your purchase makes a difference in the life of the person that made it. Your handmade clothing matters. Conscious consumers like you are protecting both people and planet and transforming the clothing and apparel industry.

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