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We proudly carry apparel from Mata Traders, Global Mamas, Sevya and several other Ethical Clothing brands.

Fashion is way more fun when it’s ethical, sustainable and just. Our collection of Fair Trade Dresses, Tops & Skirts follows modern trends while preserving traditional techniques such as batik printing and hand embroidery. And because it’s handmade, by a real person, you know you can expect a high quality piece and the assurance that its creators were paid a fair and living wage.

Our Fair Trade Dresses and Tunics are perfect for all seasons. Chic and classy looks with sandals in the warmer months and perfectly paired with boots, tights, a cardigan or however you decide to style it when it’s cold.  Our styles are suited for a variety of figures. The embroidery and block printing seen on our tops, tunics and dresses is all done by hand, an ancient practice artisans aim to preserve. The majority of our clothing comes to us from artisans in India, where embroidery has been an intricate and beautiful art form for centuries.

We aim for comfort and flattery. You’ll notice that many of our dresses have pockets for functionality and we try to carry looks that will flatter many body types, big or small. Our collection of Handmade Dresses, Tops & Skirts is meant to represent and celebrate the diversity of the women who created them and be worn for a variety of occasions.

Much of our handmade clothing is 100% cotton and your purchase helps support artisans, farmers, their families and their communities. When members of the community have the funds to contribute, medical facilities and schools get built. You purchase helps to improve the working conditions in the apparel industry and protect the planet.  We have an opportunity to bring to you sustainability and ethics in fashion and hope to motivate consumers to consider people and environment when making choices about their clothing. 

Looking great and feeling great in a handmade Fair Trade Dress, what could be better?

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