Handmade Fair Trade Earrings

Fair Trade Earrings


Our Fair Trade Earrings are a stylish way to accent an outfit or to make a statement. From dangling drop pearl to studs, posts or dainty loop and hoop, the possibilities to complete an outfit are endless. Each and every pair of our fair trade earrings represent the cultures, traditions and materials of the talented artisans who make them.  Hand produced in some of the most marginalized countries in the world, these artisans are paid a fair wage and ensured healthy working environments. This allows them to give back to their communities in a big way.

A beautiful aspect of fair trade jewelry is that each piece tells a story. We have stunning silver earrings made by silversmiths in Niger who passed their skills on for thousands of years and bless each piece they create. We have beaded fair trade earrings from Ecuador that have feature chaquira beads, a type of bead that’s been used throughout Latin America for centuries. Look for pairs handmade of mixed metal to match your gold, silver or copper jewelry. Traditional techniques used in modern ways, a recurring theme in Fair Trade.

The production of fair trade earrings not only protects human rights but it protects the planet.  Our jewelry artisans often use recycled, sustainable and indigenous material when making our unique and beautiful earrings.  Some feature up-cycled pull tabs or pop tops from discarded soda cans.  Others use Capiz oyster shells, sustainably sourced water buffalo bone and even African Porcupine Quills!

We recommend using a smaller pair to accent a necklace or go for a larger, more dramatic set and make it the focus of your look. Your purchase of any pair of our authentic fair trade earrings helps to create dignified employment and helps support the people who create these tiny, beautiful works of art.

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