Fair Trade Gifts for Kids

Fair Trade Gifts for Kids


Fair Trade Gifts for Kids & Children, fun gifts for boys & unique gifts for girls, toys, puzzles and musical instruments.  Our super fun collection of Fair Trade Gifts for Children & Kids is perfect for your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, niece or nephew. Whether you are searching for a fun gift for a boy or a unique gift for a girl, this is the place. Shopping for a great fair trade gift for a child can be the most fun to shop for because it allows you the chance to connect to your own inner child. You will find our collection of unique gifts a delightful collection of games to get kids moving and toys to make them think. If you are looking for the perfect Birthday Gift for a boy or an ethical gift for a girl that also empowers women, you have found the right shop.

Perhaps your niece or nephew would love a musical instrument; you could give them the sound of thunder in a tube or a whistle from Cameroon that sounds exactly like a bird. If you’re looking for something quiet, give your son or daughter a beautiful hand carved puzzle from India with the ability to entrance them for hours. To get your grandson or granddaughter outdoors give them a colorful cotton soft flying disk from Guatemala. The organized child would love a pencil box full of compartments. Here you can find the perfect gift for kids and for that adult who is just young at heart. And because everything we carry is authentic fair trade, your gift will be a fun way to educate a child on global handcrafts and conscious consumerism. That has to be the best gift for a kid!

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