Fair Trade Musical Instruments

Fair Trade Musical Instruments


Traditional music has always been a connective tissue between cultures, communities and generations. Fair Trade Musical Instruments are the structure that supports this connection.

We offer a wide array of hand-crafted indigenous Global Instruments, from Bajana Drums to Xylophones. We have many percussion instruments such as Flutes and Marimbas, Tambourines and exotic shakers and several types of drums and bongos representing many different cultures. Each handmade from sustainable local materials such as our Rebana Drum that handcrafted from goat skin stretched over a mango wood frame.

Our Fair Trade Musical Instruments are handcrafted to be played but many are equally beautiful as a piece of art. From instruments exotically decorated with traditional Batik designs to our Djembe Drum that is hand carved from a single piece of Redwood!

We even have Singing Bowls from Nepal that are used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being.

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