Fair Trade Jewelry

Fair Trade Jewelry


Our authentic Fair Trade Jewelry represents a collection of fashion, cultures and traditions from all over the world. Whether you are looking for that perfect bracelet, bangle cuff or wrap to adorn your arm or a Fair Trade Necklace or Choker to complete your outfit, we source our collection only from ethical producers resulting in designs ranging from trendy to traditional including many indigenous techniques and crafts that preserve rich cultural heritage and have timeless fashion. Our earring, rings and pins are handmade in styles that cover vintage to bohemian, ethnic to trendy, casual to sophisticated and each piece unique to the places they come from and the people who make them.

Along with our partners, we provide a living income for artisans allowing them to invest earnings in their communities, improving housing, healthcare and schools all while maintaining and preserving traditional techniques allowing families to pass their rich traditions on to the next generation.

Our fashion forward fair trade jewelry runs the gamut, artistically using materials unique to each producer’s location such as beads made of seeds and nuts, glass, metal and stones to create Statement Pieces. Or the creative and sustainable use of recycled materials such a discarded watch faces, coins and buttons.  Fair Trade Jewelry can be as simple as a beaded bracelet made by a recently trained artisan from a women’s group to a complex masterpiece made from high-grade Silver from the same master craftsmen who produced jewelry for Royal families helping Indigenous Tribes to preserve a Traditional Craft.

Many of our groups employ and consult with fantastic designers from places like Los Angeles, New York and Europe to maintain current fashion forward designs. We now see many pieces of Fair Trade Jewelry highlighted in trendy fashion magazines and often spotted on many celebrities and models.

Fair Trade Jewelry makes a very tangible difference in the lives of artisans in developing countries throughout the world. You now have a sustainable alternative to exploited labor and sweat shop produced fashion. Fair Trade Jewelry, a wonderful model for global economy, deeply rooted in dignity, justice and sustainability making the world truly beautiful.

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