Fair Trade Lamps & Candles

Fair Trade Lamps & Candles


Lamps and candles are a vital part of a home, they literally illuminate our lives. That’s why in our Fair Trade Lamps & Candles collection we have a variety of gorgeous, handmade and fair trade candle holders and lamps.

Our collection of Onyx Lamps and Candle Holders handmade in Pakistan are beautiful and unique. Onyx is a stone ranging drastically in color from pure white to emerald green to black. The smooth stone reflects the light beautifully and each piece is 100% unique. Our Alabaster fair trade Lamp from Egypt is very similar, but lighter in color and equally as beautiful.

We carry fabric lamps handmade in Bali, Indonesia in a large and a small size. The lovely floral patterns are even lovelier when lit up. For an Eco-friendly light, check out our fair trade lamp made of recycled glass from India. We have a stunning table lamp from Vietnam, handcrafted from sustainable bamboo.  You will also find paper lamps, exotic fabric fair trade lamps and even an Hanging Egyptian Metal Lamp.

We have Fair Trade Candles and Candleholders from all over the world. recycled Bike Chain Candle holders handmade from artisans in India, Lotus Flower Candle holders handcrafted from elegant Capiz Shells and even a Buddha Hand Candle holder featuring two gold-painted hands holding a tea light shaped in the “mudra” gesture, a classical hand gesture of Eastern culture.  Our Ganesha Elephant Candle holder is a womdeful symbol of women empowerment as it is handmade by women artisans in Bangladesh, who are a part of a Women's Cooperative that represents thousands of rural women artisans in hundreds of workshops.

Whichever fair trade lamp or fair trade candle calls to you, you will feel great about your purchase because of the good it does.  At One World Fair Trade, every item we carry is authentic and validated, which means it’s handmade by artisans being paid a fair, living wage working in safe and clean working conditions Ethical and sustainable handcrafts makes your living area beautiful and you feel good.

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