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Fair Trade Necklaces


Our Fair Trade Handmade Necklace collection is a lesson in Slow Fashion and how to make traditional and sustainable practices look chic. From handmade sterling silver necklaces crafted by an artisan in Thailand preserving an ancient art to colorful and unique hand rolled paper bead necklaces that support a women's cooperative in Uganda, our handmade necklaces will give you style and a sense of pride. Your purchase could ultimately empower women, provide education & healthcare or employ a disabled person. Every purchase supports an artisan in a developing country, generally in a marginalized area. These artisans are ensured a living wage, career opportunities and a voice.

What outfit would not look better with the addition of a great fair trade necklace. The texture in our coconut button necklace adds interest to a look and its neutral color ensures it will match anything. Plus it’s made out of coconuts, that’s Ethical Fashion & Eco Friendly Jewelry handmade from a sustainable resource. Our Fair Trade Necklaces are made from environment friendly materials such as Taqua Nut or Capiz Shell.  Many of our talented Jewelry Artisan partners often cleverly use natural or recycled & up cycled materials such as Recycled Glass, Re-purposed Pop Top Pull Tabs from Soda Cans or recycled paper, beads and wood. Our Kantha Beaded Fair Trade Necklaces are vintage saris in gorgeous colors wrapped around wooden beads, here recycled meets sustainability. You will even find handmade necklaces made from Cruelty Free Leather, Bone and Horn.

Whether you choose to go simple Boho Chic or a Victorian Statement Necklace, you will be making the right choice because you shopped fair trade. Your purchase of a Fair Trade Necklace, Pendant or Choker helps schools to be built, health care to be provided, and lives be led with hope & dignity.

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