Fair Trade Scarves

Fair Trade Scarves


Fair Trade Scarves, Shawls, and Gloves, hand woven, hand embroidered, block printed and tie-dyed from organic cotton, silk, alpaca wool.  From open weave to infinity scarves, Ethiopian cotton to cashmere shawls, each and every one of our fair trade scarves are authentic and handmade, this translates into closer attention to detail and higher quality product. You will immediately recognize this superior quality when you hold, touch and wear anyone of them.

Each and every one of our fair trade scarves is a culmination involving many intricate steps beginning with starching & degumming then naturally dyeing and drying the yarn. The yarn is then spun, combed and netted for the hand weaving process. Once the loom is loaded it is ready for a master weaver to create intricate and delicate weaves.

All of our fair trade scarves are produced under safe and healthy working conditions that ensure environmental sustainability.  So you will find no use of harmful agrochemicals in the production of our organically grown cotton, naturally cultivated silk, alpaca wool and other natural materials.

Every one of our fair trade scarves are unique to the places they come from and the people who make them, a part of a rich and beautiful process that involves many hands and hearts. Handmade utilizing art forms such as hand weaving, hand embroidery, block printing, and tie-dye to create wearable art with unique designs and techniques specific to each region. Fair Trade scarves are much more than a beautiful fashion statement each one reflects the people, their culture, and their local environment.

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