Handmade Tagua Jewelry

Handmade Tagua Jewelry


Ethical, sustainable and handmade Tagua Jewelry featuring colorful tagua necklaces, bold tagua earrings & chunky tagua bracelets all hand-carved by very talented Fair Trade jewelry artisans. All of our tagua jewelry is gorgeous, with natural textures, vibrant colors and modern shapes. The organic nature of the tagua nut makes Tagua Jewelry ideal for those seeking Eco Friendly Jewelry & those who are sensitive or allergic to metals. 

Our Tagua Jewelry is Fair Trade, handmade, ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly, what could be better than that? Our collection is filled with treasures that showcases the magical nut native to the Amazon Rainforest. The inside of the tagua nut has a remarkable resemblance to ivory, making it an ethical alternative to extremely unethical ivory. The tagua nuts fall to the earth when ready, making their collection convenient and safe. Artisans native to this region use this abundant and sustainable material to create beautiful tagua nut jewelry and sculptures.


At One World Fair Trade, we source sustainable Tagua jewelry from Colombia and Ecuador. These Fair Trade Tagua Jewelry artisans are able to preserve a traditional craft while working in a safe and clean environment, with proper tools and training. Our artisan partners earn a living wage and receive employee benefits. Purchasing handmade Fair Trade Tagua nut products makes a difference in the lives of many artisans in South and Central America.

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