Fair Trade Toys, Games & Puzzles

Fair Trade Toys, Games & Puzzles


Our collection of Fair Trade Toys, Games, Puzzles is a fantastically fun assortment of handmade pieces from across the globe, all handcrafted in a marginalized country by talented artisans.  Our best selling Fair Trade Toy is our Galimoto Push Toy from Africa and our favorite Fair Trade Game is our Hand Carved Labyrinth.

If you’re a music lover check out our collection of musical instruments from many different countries. We have traditional drums handmade in Asia and Africa, suitable for many different experience levels and ages. A totally super cool fair trade toy is our whistle hand carved in the shape of a bird that when filled with water, produces the unique whistle sounds of an actual bird’s warble!  We have a tube from Indonesia that has captured the sound of thunder. If you’d rather listen to and appreciate music than make your own it check out the innovative bamboo music amplifier from Thailand. It will fit your Android, iPhone or iPod touch and amplify your music anywhere. Completely wireless and cordless, made of sustainable bamboo and a bit of recycled truck tire inner tube.

If you’re feeling playful you will love our collection of fair trade toys and games. We carry a puzzle carved out of sustainable sheesham wood from India that is hand carved in the shape of a cat. If you are able to solve the puzzle you will discover two hidden boxes inside the cat. We also carry a labyrinth puzzle carved out of sheesham wood, it keeps kids and adults alike entranced for hours. Another fantastic fair trade toy is our colorful knitted Soft Flying Disks or frisbees from Guatemala. Great fun that keeps you moving!

If you’re an animal lover, you have to see our Safari Animal Happy Hour, hand carved out of Jacaranda wood by artisans in Kenya. You also will love our recycled soda can creatures from South Africa, like our rockstar gecko. No matter what your kind of fun is, you can feel great about your purchase at One World Fair Trade. We carry exclusively authentic fair trade products, which mean we work with artisans in over 50 countries who are paid a living wage for their work and work in safe conditions. None of our items are ever the product of child labor or sweatshops and we work hard to advocate equal pay among the genders.

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