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Founded in 1984 by a woman named Meera Bhatterai, The Association of Craft Producers (ACP) was founded with the goal of helping low income Nepalese women gain social mobility by creating a market free of exploitation. Since then, ACP has expanded to work with women (and some men) in 15 districts of Nepal.


Besides adhering to the Fair Trade Principles, ACP goes above and beyond in ensuring the safety and upward mobility of their artisans. The typical work spaces in Nepal are kept in very poor condition and lack proper ventilation. This is not the case for artisans working with ACP, who work in clean and maintained, properly ventilated work spaces. This positively affects not only the health of the artisans, but morale and productivity. ACP also provides design, marketing, technical and managerial training to its artisans. These artisans are mostly felters, weavers or ceramicists.

Artisans working with ACP also have access to a medical stipend, as well as having access health and dental camps. They also are set up with interest bearing saving accounts and taught to manage their money to ensure a comfortable retirement.

A long standing patriarchal society, the women working for ACP are quite radical and are empowered in earning their own money and having control over how it is spent. Most women who work with ACP were unable to receive an education as children, due to financial or social constraints. With the money they’ve earned, they are able to send their daughters to school, a step closer to breaking the cycle of poverty.

At One World Fair Trade, we've harmoniously worked with ACP for over 10 years. Many of their beautiful products can be found in our Gifts from Nepal collection.

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