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It's the biggest global conversation on how & by whom our clothes are made  

What began as an annual social media campaign to bring attention to the devastating effects of fast fashion on the people who make our clothing has now become a global awareness movement that unites people from all around the world.  All demanding greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Fashion Revolution Day is held annually on April 24th, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse to honor the memory of the 1,138 people workers who lost their lives when the Rana Plaza garment factory collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013.

Rana Plaza garment factory collapse

Who is "Fashion Revolution"?

I made your clothesThey are the people who wear the clothes and they are the people who make the clothes. They are the brand, the wholesaler, the retailer, the distributor and they are the consumer. They are the people that believe in a fashion industry that values people and values the environment. They are the people that want to see fashion become a force for good.   "We" are Fashion Revolution!


"Why do we need a "Fashion Revolution"?

Fast Fashion Because the people who make our clothes deserve to be celebrated. Because the global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change.  Because we are the Fashion Revolutionaries, we are the Pro-Fashion Protesters, we are the Disruptors who dare say "I can change the World!"




Start here:

Be curiousWho made my clothes? The first step is to be curious, ask questions and learn more about how our clothes are made and who made them. We believe that transparency is the first step to transform the fashion industry and it all starts with just one simple question.

Find OutNow that you are curious, learn! Take the time to ask your favorite brands, ? It takes only a moment, but has such an incredible impact.   Learn as much as you can about the clothing designer, brand, production and business practices. Discover the real people throughout the supply chain.

Do somethingWe want hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take part. Together we can use the power of fashion to inspire change. With more consumers encouraging brands to answer "who made my clothes?", we believe Fashion Revolution has the power to push the industry to be more transparent.

Join the movement:

  • Tag brands on social media and ask them #whomademyclothes

  • Show your clothing label! Take selfies with the label showing then sent via social media to the producers of the clothes with #WhoMadeMyClothes hashtag.

  • Spread the word! Teach your friends about the Fashion Revolution and help raise awareness about the injustice of fast fashion.

  • Put you money where you mouth is! Our choices can greatly influence whether the purchase is associated with lot's of negatives or is it a purchase that causes positive change? Choose Fair Trade Clothing so you can be sure that the farmers, craftsmen and seamstresses who have made your clothes are getting a fair deal. Authentic Fair Traders takes responsibility to only partner with producer groups that value global welfare, dignified employment and equality.

One World Fair Trade Supports the Fashion Revolution and takes responsibility to only partner with producer groups that value both people and planet.  <See who we partner with here>

Learn more about Fair Trade Fashion from a few of the amazing ethical clothing groups we partner with:

What fair trade means to the women who make Mata Traders: Learn more about your impact when you buy Mata Traders apparel right from the artisans themselves. Be connected to what you wear because how it's made matters!


Mata Traders - Fair Trade: What is globalization and its impact?
Fair trade - clothing/garment workers.


Global Mamas - A Decade of Prosperity: The Global Mamas' community has been working since 2003 to create a life of prosperity - financial well-being, happiness, and health - for African women and their families by creating and selling handmade products of the highest quality.


Want to teach ethical fashion to kids? Here's how

Students model their creationsThe need for change is urgent – and education can play a key role in championing new attitudes towards clothing. Some schools are now working with organisations to explore the impact of the fast fashion industry.  Source: The Gaurdian

Style And Substance : Five Tips For A More Sustainable Wardrobe


Five Tips For A More Sustainable WardrobeStart at the beginning and ask yourself what is the provenance of this piece of clothing? The Fashion Revolution campaign is built around what should be a simple question - “Who made your clothes?”.  Source: The Huffington Post





















3 Ways The Conscious Fashion Movement Is Raising Its Game With Millennials

3 Ways The Conscious Fashion Movement Is Raising Its GameThe millennial generation, oh so coveted by marketers, is the primary driving force behind the go-green revolution. From food to consumer products, companies must adopt the values of sustainability, transparency, and authenticity if they’re going to engage the next generation of buyers. But when it comes to clothing, consumers across all demographics have yet to demand sustainability and transparency on a large scale—what gives?   Source: Forbes










Watch these videos about Fast Fashion:












The True Cost brings to light some shocking facts about the fashion industry that beg the question: who really pays the price for our clothes?  Fashion aficionados shouldn’t panic though. Rather than demanding a halt to shopping altogether, The True Cost offers suggestions for how to use our consumer power to make a positive impact on the fashion industry.












Fashion: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO):  Trendy clothes are cheaper than ever. That sounds great for the people who buy them, but it's horrible for the people who make them. 






Fair Trade: The First Step:  How is your clothing made? Our new short film will investigate why choosing Fair Trade Certified clothing is an important first step toward changing the garment industry.
















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