San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle reviews One World Fair Trade "One World Fair Trade has been not only good for the soul - as well as artisans seeking to rise from poverty - but also pleasing to the senses. Their eye for jewelry, clothing, accessories, gifts, decor and art from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and the U.S. yields Malian mud cloth throws and Haitian metal wall art fashioned from used oil drums. Lavishly embroidered repurposed cotton Guatemalan totes and vivid African-print brimmed hats wouldn't be out of place on print-loving runways."

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San Francisco Chronicle


Sonoma Magazine

Sonoma Magazine reviews One World Fair Trade"As a consumer, I love things of beauty and quality. When I make a purchase, I want it to be something I absolutely love. So I will generally imagine using it for its intended use. If I am going to bring it into my home, I want to feel like I could not live without it. Another factor that should be considered in this decision is the ethics behind that product. Was it bought fairly? Was the artisan who created it paid properly for their ware so that they could support their family? Were the workers treated with ethically? Did the production of this product avoid any and all slave or child labor? If I buy this product, am I contributing to unethical consumerism? This worry isn't necessary with One World Fair Trade. All of their items are bought and sold with the welfare of the artisans who created them first and foremost. With Concern over Fair Trade taken care of, shoppers are able to focus instead on the beauty of the products"


Sonoma Magazine


Coffee with Nicole Kristine

Nicole Kristine reviews One World Fair Trade

"Not only is One World Fair Trade filled with beautiful jewelry, cozy home decor, and trendy clothing styles, it also has those personal and unique touches that I couldn’t find in the mall. And the best part? You can feel good about your purchase; every item in the store is certified fair trade.Fair trade is doing business ethically with artists and producers in developing countries, like Guatemala, India, Kenya, and Nepal. The people who create these items are treated with dignity, not pity; shopping at One World is not charity. Artists are paid a fair, living-wage and work in safe environments. There are no sweat shops or child laborers. Basically, anything you buy, you can feel good about. It’s an exchange of currency and respect. I love it. Buying fair trade is simply uniting your wallet with your heart."

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By Nicole Kristine

Coffee with Nicole Kristine


AFAR Travel Magazine

AFAR Travel Magazine reviews One World Fair Trade "The Healdsburg downtown is beautiful, but can feel a little repetitive - gorgeous tasting room, local art gallery, gourmet restaurant ... repeat. The One World Fair Trade store is very different - it's a global department store of jewelry pottery, toys, books, and clothing. All goods are sourced from fair trade vendors and the international kaleidoscope delights."

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AFAR Ambassador


Urbanette® Magazine

Urbanette loves One World Fair Trade"My favorite non-foodie shop in Healdsburg is called One World. It’s an eclectic shop owned by a friendly and interesting woman named Annette, and they sell 100% fair-trade and artisan-made products. They also have a great selection of books, including a few of my favorites, like Half the Sky (a fantastic read on women’s rights) and Unlikely Friendships (about interspecies animal besties)."

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Editor-in-Chief, Founder, Urbanette® Magazine



Fodor's Travel loves One World Fair Trade"Independent artisans in developing countries create the clothing, household items, jewelry, gifts, and toys sold in this bright, well-designed shop whose owner has a shrewd eye for fine craftsmanship."





Press Democrat One World Fair Trade"The idea is to make consumers more aware of the products they buy, avoid supply chains that rely on child labor and human trafficking, and guarantee "fair wages" to farmers and artisans. "I love the mission, the positive education," Councilman Jim Wood told the fair trade activists who made a presentation to the City Council. "You encourage people to think about what they're purchasing — how it was made, how it was grown," he said."

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THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | August 17, 2011


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