"Love! Love! Love! I have wanted this whimsical sculpture for a while, but it always seemed to be sold out because of its popularity. I am so glad I was finally able to purchase it. I also bought one for my mom who has dementia. Her eyes lit up when she opened up her gift and she smiled so big it brought tears to my eyes. She proudly displays the sculpture in her room and is currently thinking of names for the cat and mouse. :blush: I love helping support artists in impoverished countries as it is always a win-win for everyone. The art they produce is beautiful and priceless to me. To know someone handmade this sculpture for me and my mom and that it wasn't mass produced in a factory somewhere makes it an incredibly personal gift for us. I also had an awesome customer service experience with One World Fair Trade in Healdsburg. Thank you so much. I will definitely be back in the near future."

-Jan K.


"Shop at One World Fair Trade!!! You can find wonderful, unique gifts for everyone you know at this store!!! And the friendliest helpers also! Best store in Healdsburg!!! :) And no, I'm not one of the owners... just a very satisfied customer of many years!"

-Chris L., Healdsburg CA


"Really fun and unusual shop. Loved everything I saw here- especially the jewelry, but the scarves were lovely too. And so many interesting items! Rice sack pouches. Necklaces made of paper. Lucky frogs. Toys of all kinds. Great clothing items. Really love that everything is sourced from the country of origin. They even have Tibetan prayer flags! Wonderful shop with helpful people."

-Alex M., Danville CA


"Truly a gem of a shop in a lovely area! Staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Will visit EVERY time I'm in the area. Wish I'd found it sooner!"

-Dina R., Tracy CA


"Gift shop with a heart. Clothes, jewelry, trinkets, baubles, toys all made by hand mostly from 3rd world nations. Fair trade goods. Nice & helpful employees. Reasonable prices (especially for way overpriced Healdsburg) for unique items."

-Tom S., Kenwood CA


"Great store! Many amazing and unique finds for yourself or gifts for others. There was an item that I wanted that I had seen on a previous visit. They were currently sold out. They got my name and email address and told me when they re-stocked, they would let me know. They kept in touch throughout the process and let me know the day it arrived. Great follow up; thank you!"

-Mike J


"Beautiful and interesting store. Worth the stop! This is the best fair trade store I have visited. Items form all over the world at reasonable places. Great findings among the art work. Jewelries are unique. It looks like most of the items are from central America - Guatemala and Peru. They are member of the Fair trade Federation which follow defined fair trade practices."

-Long Valley, New Jersey


"All of the staff seem knowledgeable about the products and their passion is very evident. The staff are all unfailingly friendly, helpful and informative of where all of the products are sourced from - they also include information sheets about some of the goods that you buy. I chose some gorgeous ear rings for my daughter, a gift book and a wonderful metal Haitian hammered and embossed angel that were all beautifully wrapped for me with the angel boxed and bubble wrapped for me. There are seasonal gifts available so loved some of the nativity scenes available and Christmas decorations but it is the sort of shop where you need to go round it several times as you keep finding different things on each look. This shop is like an Aladdin cave of beautiful goodies and what makes it even better is that good causes and people benefit = FAB!"

-Kathy S.


"Kim, I received the oil drum fish piece today and let me just say WOW! Gorgeous, gorgeous. I also ordered the recycled tire purse a while back and it's one of my all-time favorite things (ever). I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your email and praise your company and of course the artisans. I've never been so impressed by a company, it's customer service, pride and of course, values. Thank you again!"

-Janie K.


"I have got to say that this has been the most stellar customer service I have ever received! Please forward this to your supervisor! What started as a simple question about a bag that was out of stock has ended with me becoming a lifelong customer! (I’ve even forward your site to a friend of mine already) Great Job Kim and thanks for all the help!"

-Jayne Z.


"It's so great to hear from others in the industry that are extremely passionate about what they do! We need more people and businesses like you guys that are committed to ethical practices and transparent supply chains. You have a great site and some really neat products!"

-Stephanie D., Shop Conscious


"This is my favorite shop in Healdsburg. The employees show sincerity in their smiles. They enjoy helping you find something yet back off when you say you're just looking. I always find something that I fall in love with at a reasonable cost. I discover new items with a special character every time I visit. Plus they are Fair Trade, supporting farmers and artisans all over the world."

-Dabee S.


"I live in Healdsburg, and this is one shop I head to for totally unique gifts for my friends and family. Their items are nearly all made by hand, and are traditional items from small communities located in towns throughout the world. It is really rare to find hand crafted items such as these in today's world of mass production. In other words, you will not find any of these items at WalMart! Enough said. The staff are most kind, and helpful and will answer your inquisitive questions with a smile. Check out One World Fair Trade. It's doing the Right Thing for our fellow human beings across the globe. Living the Golden Rule happens in here!"

-Richard D., Healdsburg, CA


"#1: The people working here are incredibly friendly. #2: You can literally find something for EVERYONE in your world. #3: The prices are *really* reasonable. Jewelry!!! SO much lovely jewelry! And musical instruments, children's gifts, home decor, and around Xmas time, tons of unique tree ornaments and other decorations. It's practically my one-stop shopping place during the holidays when I'm shopping for so many different people. Their policy here, of course, is what makes them so wonderful. So many talented and creative people around the world helping to keep their shelves stocked! Love, love, LOVE One World Fair Trade!"

-Stephanie V., Windsor, CA


"I had the pleasure of meeting two beautiful ladies in your store this past weekend. I was so inspired by their passion, drive, energy and the empowering work you all do. Thank you!"

-Tenaya S.


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