What is Fair Trade?


Fair Trade is a way of doing business that supports farmers and artisans, local communities and the environment. Fair Trade is not charity but a sustainable business model that crafts better trade deals. It helps to improve the economic and social standing of underprivileged people in the world by reinforcing local economies and creating self-sustainable employment through just and responsible practices. Fair Trade guarantees fair wages to farmers and artisans for their work. Fair Trade promotes safe and healthy work conditions and workplaces free from discrimination and forced child labor.

Fair trade is much more than just trade. It is an in-depth relationship between buyers and sellers based on dialogue, transparency, and respect.


So, what does Fair Trade really mean?

What is Fair Trade

Fair Trade means that as a consumer you have the option to make your purchase make a difference. You have the choice to support a system that has a tremendous impact on small artisan and farming communities by purchasing great products.

It means that your purchase not only provides a sustainable living wage but ensures safe working conditions, creates sustainable livelihoods for communities in developing countries, and improves social and humanitarian conditions for those communities.

By purchasing Fair Trade Clothing, Fair Trade Jewelry, Fair Trade Home Décor, Toys and Gifts you play a role in providing a living wage, healthcare and education to some of the world’s most marginalized producers as well as protecting the environment.  Purchasing Fair Trade is a simple step with an enormous impact.


How do I know it's Fair Trade?

How do I know it's Fair Trade

When it comes to handcrafts, most Fair Trade wholesalers and retailers are members of the Fair Trade Federation. FTF requires members to provide detailed financial and business-practice information that's reviewed by a screening committee before being approved and this process can take up to six months.  FTF members are required to go through this extensive screening process annually and can also be randomly audited by the FTF to assure that organizations comply with all Fair Trade Principles. FTF members will indicate this affiliation by proudly displaying the FTF Member logo in store and on websites. One World Fair Trade is completely dedicated to Fair Trade and is a long time proud member of the Fair Trade Federation.


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