Blue Ikat Tablecloth


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Our Blue Ikat Tablecloth is a beautiful example of the traditional art of Ikat.

Ikat, which means “to tye” is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs a resist dyeing process similar to tie-dye. The defining difference of Ikat versus tie-dye is that the roll of thread or “warp” is tie-dyed prior to the weaving of the fabric.  The “warp” is then placed in a loom and the patterns only appear as the weaving process proceeds, creating a beautiful reversible pattern when woven.

The knotted soft fringe border of our Blue Ikat Tablecloth adds appealing dimension and texture.

Handcrafted by Fair Trade Artisans in India by a non-profit fair trade organization empowering women in the poor areas of Mumbai. The sales of their hand printed and embroidered textiles provide a living wage and support their families, giving the women of this organization the independence and self-confidence to develop their own values and dreams.

Machine Washable Cold.

90" long by 60" wide.

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