Bombshell Peace Earrings


Fair Trade Bombshell Peace Earrings - a wearable symbol of peace, hope and strength. Our upcycled Bombshell Peace Earrings are a perfect example of turning something heinous into something beautiful as talented jewelry artisans in Cambodia transform brass casings from bombs, bullets and landmines into jewelry pieces that carry messages of hope.

Years and years of war has left Cambodia littered with metal scraps from bombs, bullets, and landmines and every pair of earrings that is crafted from this unique material is a symbol of peace for the future. Every pair of our Brass Bombshell Peace Earrings are inscribed with the Khmer word for "peace."  Pair it with our Fair Trade Bombshell Ring to complete the story.

  • Handcrafted in Cambodia.

  • Fair Trade & Handmade

  • Materials: Brass

  • Size: 2 inches in length

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