Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture


Our Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture is a gorgeous fair trade statue that we call "lost wax" figures, an ancient practice in which an artist creates an original sculpture out of wax. This is followed by creating an outer mold usually with plaster around the wax figure. Next the molten bronze is poured inside the outer mold, melting the wax form while at the same time taking its shape in the mold.  After it is hardened the plaster mold is removed, the finished product is revealed and the original wax mold is “lost”.

Lost Wax Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture is handmade in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso by fair trade artisans, Our dancing ladies are impossible to look at without having your day brightened, their joy is infectious.  The perfect gift for a dancer.

Each handmade Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture is unique and one of a kind.  Typically they are between 5" and 7" tall. Their poses and the colors of their outfits vary, our staff will choose a beautiful one for you.

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