Burkina Faso Bronze Ballerina Sculpture


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Our Bronze Ballerina Sculpture was handmade by master artisans in Burkina Faso.  The artist captures the strong and graceful long lines of ballerinas in these unique African bronze sculptures using the lost wax method. Hand painted Aquamarine toned gown add a beautiful contrast to the bronze.

This gorgeous fair trade statue is what we call a "lost wax" figure, an ancient practice in which an artist creates an original sculpture out of wax. This is followed by creating an outer mold usually with plaster around the wax figure. Next the molten bronze is poured inside the outer mold, melting the wax form while at the same time taking its shape in the mold. After it is hardened the plaster mold is removed, the finished product is revealed and the original wax mold is “lost”.

Handmade Bronze Ballerina Sculpture in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso by fair trade artisans, each sculpture is unique, and colors will vary.

Origin: Burkina Faso


  • Small: 6" Tall, 3.5" Wide
  • Medium: 8" Tall, 4" Wide
  • Large: 10" Tall, 5" Wide

Materials: Bronze, paint

One Bronze Ballerina Sculpture will come in your shipment with a note on the bronze wax method for the receiver of this beautiful gift.

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