Fair Trade Cinnamon Bark Box


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The sweet scent of our Fair Trade Cinnamon Bark Box will make a warm & welcoming addition to any home.   The naturally fragrant bark of Cinnamon is the perfect wood for storage boxes to store things like chocolate, sugar or tea, because the spice will give the content a faint aroma.

We personally love to use them as an aromatic gift box for tea and sweets as a very memorable gift.  The graceful peace dove that decorates the lid of this box makes it a perfect gift of faith or a message of peace.

Cinnamon trees have a growth cycle of five years. When they reach maturity, the bark is used for crafts and the wood is burned as cooking fuel or ground into cinnamon dust.  Nguyen Thi Duc, who makes our Fair Trade Cinnamon Bark Boxes, says this home-based work brings peace to families by providing sufficient income and keeping families together.

A sustainable and fair trade product handmade in Vietnam.

  • Carved cinnamon bark

  • 3Dx4H inches

  • Made in Vietnam

  • Each box sold separately

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