Colorful Capiz Shell Garlands


Our Colorful Capiz Shell Garlands are beautiful strands of translucent capiz shells, also known as "Windowpane Oyster".  Handmade from an edible and sustainable oyster shell that is abundant in the Philippines, India, and other Asian countries where these translucent shells are often used as an alternative to glass.

Each gorgeous strand of our Colorful Capiz Shell Garland is handcrafted by Fair Trade Artisans in Indonesia in an array of soft & peaceful colors.  We love to hang together several strands to create a dramatic “Stained Glass” window display of light and color!  We have had many customers purchase several strands to create a bohemian doorway curtain.  It takes approximately 15 strands to span across a standard doorway.

Approximately 2" wide by 70" long, as each is strung by hand they vary slightly.  Each strand sold separately.



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