Ethiopian Cotton Striped Towels


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Sure to be a favorite for multiple uses these Fair Trade Striped Ethiopian Cotton Towels are deliciously soft and easy to care for.

Ethiopian Cotton Towels are widely used across the Mediterranean, partly due to their absorbency and ability to dry quickly and also because they work exceedingly well as a beach towel and sarong. With the average terrycloth towels, the sand gets stuck in the fibers but with the sleek Ethiopian Cotton Towel, the hand weave is so tight that all the sand falls right off with a gentle shake.

Our staff and customers come up with all sort of creative uses for these gorgeous textiles beyond their intended use as towels. This is a long list that ranges from tablecloths to prayer shawls, sarongs to scarves.

Hand-woven and dyed using plant based dyes used from flowers and seeds using ancient skills and traditions by Fair Trade Artisans in Ethiopia. Your purchase of our Ethiopian Cotton Striped Bath Towels helps this Fair Trade artisan cooperative in Ethiopia to produce a wage well above the industry standard, a living wage as much as 250% more than the average.

Each Ethiopian Cotton Striped Bath Towel is machine washable, absorbent and dries quickly.  Measures 68" x 38".

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