Frog Rasp Percussion Instrument


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Our Fair Trade Frog Rasp is a percussion instrument also known as a scraper. Scrapers or Rasps are some of the earliest instruments known, dating back to the Stone Age!  Our Frog Rasp is a wonderful gift for musicians of all ages.

Hand carved from wood, our Fair Trade Frog Rasp instrument consists of a serrated surface on the frogs back that when rasped, or scraped with a stick produces the characteristic "ribbit" or croaking frog sound.  You can also use the stick to strike the wood frog in different places to create different sounds as a resonant wood tone block percussion instrument.

The rasp is played all over the world in ceremony, folk and dance music and is often associated with magical powers and ritual. Hand carved in Bali from fast growing & sustainable jempinis wood in Bali. Approximately 2.5"- 3" tip to tail.

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