Fair Trade Kalaina Bracelet


Our Fair Trade Kalaina Bracelet is simple elegance. A row of individually handcrafted flowers give this bracelet a subtle exotic accent, it will easily become one of your most cherished pieces.

The main motif used in our Fair Trade Kalaina Bracelet was initially reserved for the Royal Court and is a stylized representation of the Dok Phikoun flower, indigenous to Laos. The Dok Phikoun’s is thought to have powers of good fortune and promotion of a long and happy life.

Showing influences from Tibetan, Chinese and Indian cultures, this elegant Fair Trade Kalaina Bracelet is handcrafted from High Grade Silver in the heartland of Laos in Southeast Asia, on the edges of civilization by the exotic culture of Master Craftsmen of Indigenous Tribes.

1/4" Wide

Available in two lengths, 7.5" or 8.25"

16gm Sterling Silver

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