Colorful Felted Wool Oven Mitts


Our one-of-a-kind Colorful Felted Wool Oven Mitts are hand-felted in Nepal. These fun and colorful handmade oven mitts make me feel as though I really want to get in the kitchen and do some cooking. 

Adorable and functional these felted wool oven mitts are great gifts. Hand felted so that they will protect your hand when reaching for a hot pan in the oven they come in assorted cute & whimsical designs –  colorful flowers, spirals, stripes, stars & hearts.  Our customers love them!

Each shipment we get from Nepal is completely unique, we will choose the most beautiful of the bunch for you.

Handmade in Nepal by Fair Trade Artisans.

4.5″ X 7″ fits most hands. Cold water gentle wash.  Lay flat to dry

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