Colorful Felt Ball Garland


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These cute and Colorful Felt Ball Garland is sure to brighten up any room in your home. This is our best selling garland year after year and perfect for a holiday tree, doorway, window, or even a classroom. Adds the perfect amount of fun and that pop of color to brighten your day! 

Our Colorful Felt Ball Garland is handmade in Nepal by Fair Trade Artisans.  Each strand features 10 feet of  multi-colored solid balls made of layered felt. 

One of the oldest forms of fabric, felt served as an essential feature and necessity of life for the nomadic tribes of Asia where the technique is thought to have originated.  Artisans use the “wet felt” technique in which warm water, soap and friction are used to matte the natural fibers found in wool.

  • Assorted Colors

  • Fair Trade & handmade in Nepal

  • Wool

  • Size: 10'L with 2 cm felt balls



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