Good Luck Chanchitos


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These sweet little Good Luck Chanchitos are handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans in the village of Pomaire, Chile and when walking through this small town, these little pigs can be found hanging in homes, shops and restaurants, bringing a sense of comfort to all who sees them

Our “Chanchitos” or “Chilean Little Pigs” are believed to be very lucky, particularly if they only have three legs.  Good Luck Chanchitos are traditionally given as a gift to family and friends as a symbol of goodwill, luck and love.

Our three legged pig Good Luck Charms are handmade of clay, unique and one of a kind. Each good luck pig is sold individually, varying in size, shape and personality. .  These are NOT MOLDED, each one is hand crafted and low-fired by Fair Trade Artisans in Chile.

They make a great thank you gift for teachers or as a gift for wedding parties.

Materials: Terra Cotta Clay, approx 2" x 2"

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