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Mermaids, exotic and beautiful, these legendary creatures conjure thoughts of love and beauty.  In Haiti, the mermaid Lasirn is one of three powerful female water spirits, sometimes considered sisters, who are honored in shrines. One sister is cool, calm and seductive. The other is hot, passionate, angry, and strong. Lasirn's personality is a blend of these opposites. Together, they validate a wide range of temperaments for women. 

This water spirit is elegantly handcrafted in Haiti in the village of Croix-des-Bouquets from a 55 gallon used oil drum by Artisan Joseph Jean Peterson.  He created this wonderful piece in his workshop he named "The St. Charles Bird Workshop".  Joseph is a family man, opening his shop in 1997 with his mother and older brother.  Having apprenticed with Jean Roosevelt Bauchard, his imagery is versatile.  “I helped many people to learn this sculpture.  My dream is to have a larger workshop and give more people work. I trust in God that my dream will be realized."

Joseph cuts open 55-gallon drum, the pattern is drawn on the metal with chalk, then chisels, dies and a large hammer are used to cut and mold the design. He will smooth out the steel’s rough edges, beats out the convex and the concave shapes, and when the highly intricate sculpture is completed and thoroughly satisfactory, he signs his name boldly with a small chisel.

Wonderful for outdoors as well as in.

Size: 17"x10"

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