Hearts Connected Sandalwood Statue


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Give someone you love a unique and stunning gift with our Fair Trade Hearts Connected Sandalwood Statue. This exotic sculpture features two figures hand carved from a single piece of African Sandalwood. 

Each statue is handcrafted by a Fair Trade Master Carver in Mozambique, Africa and begins with the artisan choosing the perfect piece of the very aromatic golden Sandalwood to create his work of art.  The piece slowly takes shape as the artisan works the wood to ultimately create a carving that connects two lovers by a heart.  One figure features a colorful head wrap for an exotic splash of color.

The fragrance of Sandalwood is said to be relaxing, soothing and sensual, making it the perfect choice for a carving for lovers.

Because each piece we receive is handcrafted and each piece is slightly different making it truly a “one-of-a-kind" piece of art.  Very limited availability!

13" tall, 4" wide

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