Ethiopian Hope Necklace


Our stunning Ethiopian Hope Necklace comes with a story of hope, love and inspiration. 

Here is the story: Our Ethiopian Hope Necklace is handmade in a country that has suffered from much political turmoil over that past couple of decades.  As local farmers till their land they find and collect bullet casings left in the earth from the Eritrean-Ethiopian war.  Fair Trade Jewelry artisans purchase these bullet casings from the farmers providing an extra income to the farmers. They then melt them down into bronze and silver plated beads to create this beautiful and inspiring necklace.  This truly is art transforming a heinous and hateful backstory into a handmade symbol of hope, love & beauty.

Now the necklace – it is one of our favorite necklaces in the shop for many reasons, the backstory, the beauty and the versatility.  It can be worn in the classic look as shown on our model.  Or the knot can be untied and the 5 beads can be placed on the front of the neck in a choker style with the tassels draping open on the chest or again tied for a layered look as shown on the display neck.

Our handmade & Fair Trade Ethiopian Hope Necklace is stunning. 45" Long, the knot can be untied so there are infinite ways to wear it. The materials are bronze and silver plated bronze.

Here are earrings to match.

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