Embroidered Huipil Bracelet


Our Embroidered Huipil Bracelet is traditional handcrafting at its best! Admire the exquisite detail in this elegant bracelet from Guatemala. Huipiles are the traditional dress or blouse of Mayan women in Guatemala and represent the pinnacle of technical complexity and symbolic density of back-strap loom weaving.

There are many forces threatening the survival of Mayan back-strap loom weaving today. A particularly pernicious current practice is that of buying huipils (Mayan women’s blouses) for pennies, and “cutting and pasting” them (disregarding their integrity) into handbags, purses, shoes, jackets, etc., to sell in the tourist and international markets. 

Because of this terrible practice, each and every one of our Embroidered Huipil Bracelets is handmade from only new embroideries. Ours are not made from recycled huipils.

Each of our Embroidered Huipil Bracelets is a one of a kind, each one beautiful and different. Let us select one for you or someone you love. I just had to have one myself!

8 inches in length.

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