Tibetan Singing Bowl


Our stunning Fair Trade Tibetan Singing Bowl is elegantly hand crafted in Nepal. Hold the bronze meditation bowl flat on an open palm and slowly move the stick, held upright, against the side of the outside of the bowl, applying light pressure to make it sing a peaceful song. Traditionally used for meditation this elegant singing bowl would be the perfect gift of serenity and peace of mind for yourself or loved one.

We get our handmade singing bowls from a Fair Trade artisan group comprised of artisans from all over rural Nepal. The bowls are sand cast and embossed in bronze, and the auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism are inscribed in the bottom of this beautiful singing bowl.

The auspicious symbols are as follows- Endless Knot: wisdom and compassion; Precious Umbrella: protection from illness and obstacles; Conch Shell: awakening from the slumber of ignorance; Victory Banner: victory of body, mind and speech over harmful forces; Golden Fish: good luck and abundance; Treasure Vase: fulfillment and prosperity; Lotus Flower: purification of the body, speech and mind; Life Wheel: overcoming obstacles.

Includes bronze bowl with wooden stick. 6" Diameter x 2.5" high.

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