Mini Soapstone Elephant Bust- Brown


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Our Fair Trade Mini Soapstone Elephant Bust has become a favorite product in the shop for staff and customers alike! Miniature, minimalist handmade elephant busts perch sweetly anywhere that needs a little added cute. 

Handmade out of Kisii Stone, a type of soapstone found only in the Kisii region of Kenya. Kisii naturally ranges in color from white to light pink, the artisans finish these Mini Soapstone Elephant Busts with a gorgeous deep brown color. Fair Trade Kenyan artisans use a knife similar to a machete called a panga to carve their sculptures to perfection and then wax them to smooth perfection. Check out more Kisii Stone products here!

Due to the handmade nature of our Mini Soapstone Elephant Bust, each one looks a little different. Color and size will vary slightly. They measure about 2.25" tall. Sold individually. Click here to see the larger versions.

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