Naga Wrap


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Our Fair Trade Naga Wrap is a favorite in our little shop. Available in a variety of colors, these wraps are the perfect Summer night accessory. Elegant when paired with a dress and hip when paired with jeans and a blouse. Master artisans in Nepal use rayon thread to create these open-weave shawls, light as a feather and gorgeous to wear.

There are infinite ways to wear this piece, we'll include a list of suggestions with purchase but encourage you to be creative. Can be tied in front, folded in half and worn as a traditional scarf, worn as a sarong, the possibilities are truly endless. Simply drape over your shoulders and leave it open for a new take on the kimono look.

One size fits all. Due to the handmade nature of our Fair Trade Naga Wraps, except color variation from the photographs. Choose your preferred color and we will find the prettiest one in that shade for you. Sometimes they're woven with a bit of sparkle throughout, occasionally they have a gold border. To see our current stock, please contact the shop.

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