Namibian Kagiso Basket


Our hand made Namibian Kagiso Basket is a testament to the incredible talent of our artisan partners, true skill can clearly be seen in each detail.  Hand woven in a women’s cooperative in the Kavango Region the intricate work can take up to 6 weeks.  Woven from palm shoots and local grasses each basket in turn is a work of art. All natural plant based dyes are sourced and used in every traditional yet unique design.  

“Kagiso” which means peace in Tswana is exactly what you are supporting when you choose to bring home this Fair Trade Namibian Kagiso Basket.  Each Namibian basket purchase supports the artisans directly and helps educate at-risk girls through FAWENA (Forum of African Women Educationalists in Namibia). “Educate the girls and lift up the culture.”  A piece of art that will surely bring peace to ones home and heart as well.

 Measures 13" across.  5.5" deep.

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