Karachi Onyx Stone Lamp


Our translucent Karachi Onyx Stone Lamp brings out the beauty of natural variegated onyx stone. Artisinal, natural, exotic & modern, we absolutely love this stunning Natural Onyx Stone Table Accent Lamp! 

Onyx is a semiprecious and translucent stone with color ranging from white to deep greens and browns and our talented Fair Trade Artisans work with the natural grain of the stone to create each piece.

Our Karachi Onyx Stone Lamp is handmade by a Fair Trade Artisan group in Karachi, Pakistan. The founder of this group was a pioneer in introducing fair trade practices in the stone industry in Pakistan. Unusual for Pakistan, he chose to hire artisans regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Each Karachi Onyx Stone Lamp features a bulb socket inside this stone holder designed for a 40 watt or lower low wattage blub.

Due to the beauty of the natural stone, no two are ever the same but all are stunning.  You onyx table lamp will be a "one-of-a-kind".



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