Orange Peel Angel


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 A whimsical fragrant angel ornament made from dried orange peel, jute and feathers. Artisans of Piel Acida Cascaras de Naranja in Colombia craft this and other unique products from dried orange peel. As a natural product, its colors are faded to neutral hues. The product keeps its fragrance for at least six months.

Information about this artisan group: Sapia is an artisan group from Colombia that creates these ornaments.  Sapia employs 32 artisans directly, with an additional 50-plus artisans working independently.  They also support an additional group, through the purchase of the orange peels.  Colombia is among the highest per capita in orange juice consumption, which has spawned a strong demand for fresh-squeezed juice.  The vendors would previously have had to pay to discard the used peels, but now can actually earn additional income from selling them to Sapia.

Decorative only. Keep out of reach of children.  

  • Dried orange peel, wood, feathers
  • 8H inches
  • Made in Colombia

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