Petite Owl Gourd Box


 Favorite! A symbol of wisdom and mystery, this owl will keep his big, round eye on your most special keepsakes. At this size, it makes the most adorable and original ring box you're likely to find anywhere! An original and delightful gift for just about anyone! Contemporary Peruvian master gourd carvers follow a tradition of over 4000 years as they finely carve intricate designs with simple hand chisels and then naturally color their designs with fire. Sizes and details shown will vary as nature and the artist intended. The inside of this gourd box has been finished with a protective coating.

In the Andean mountains of Peru, in a tiny village of 50 families, fine gourd carving has been practiced for generations. Pablo, a master carver, recalls his grandfather telling how it all started. “Around 200 years ago, people from Huancayo made regular trips to the jungle to trade for rice, corn, beans and other goods. They met there with people from many places including gourd carvers from Ayacucho.” That's how they learned the carving techniques and brought them back to their village while creating a style of their own. Historically, Andean people used gourds to store food and to this day they are used for storing salt and spices or drinking chicha and mate.

Each box adorable and unique.  We will select one for you.

Size is usually about 3"D x 3"H.

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