Peruvian Pan Flute


The Peruvian Pan Flute is beautiful in sound and a wonderful way to introduce someone to a musical instrument. Impress your favorite musician with this mythical instrument.

Status Panpipes are sets of graduated flutes joined together in a bunch shape. The sound is produced by blowing across the top of the holes. According to legend, the ancient Greek god Pan was in love with a nymph who was turned into a reed by another deity. Pan played upon this reed for consolation.

The distinctive sound of the Peruvian Pan Flute is heard in much South American folk music.

Handmade of Bamboo by Fair Trade Artisans in Peru who are part of a nonprofit civic association promoting export sales of Peruvian handicrafts. Benefits to members include health care, loan funds and advances, school supplies and books, training programs and technical assistance. 

6Lx4W inches

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