Pisces Fish Steel Wall Art


Our Pisces Fish Steel Wall Art Sculpture is handcrafted by Haitian Artist, Louis Ednor.  This exceptionally unique double fish creation swirls with grace and it is absolutely one of my favorite pieces. Handmade from the lid from a 55 gallon used oil drum, this art piece has so many cool details, from the fish eyes that were actually the spouts of the drum to the wonderful curving shape of the bodies.

To create this Pisces Fish Steel Wall Art, the pattern is drawn on the metal with chalk, then chisels, dies and a large hammer are used to cut and mold the design. The artist smoothed out the steel’s rough edges, beats out the convex and the concave shapes, and when the highly intricate sculpture is completed and thoroughly satisfactory to the artist, he signs his name boldly with a small chisel.

Our handmade Pisces Fish Steel Wall Art is coated with a protective clear coat so that it is suitable fir indoor or outdoor use.

23" round

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