Soft Flying Disks


Our Soft Flying Disks are absolutely one of our favorite & fun new products. This is a pocket size flying disk is soft, lightweight and fold-able (stuff it in your pocket).  Fold it up, stick it in your pocket or backpack and you have a super fun toy for camping or spontaneous play.

What makes these soft flying disks so much fun is that in addition to how amazing they really fly is that they are soft so the accidental pop in the head or unexpected toss into the window is virtually “harmless”, making for great battles of tag or rainy day games of safe indoor play for most rooms.   We have even been known to toss one up to that hard to reach corner to clean out that pesky cobweb!

Each Soft Flying Disks are hand crocheted in Guatemala by Fair Trade artisans and come in a variety of designs and amazing bright colors.  Each one a work of art, easy on the hands but strong in flight, even stable in winds and the bright colors help you find them when tossed into the bushes!

Handmade in Guatemala by Fair Trade Artisans from 100% cotton, our Soft Flying Disks are loved by young and old, even great for playing catch with dogs also.  We always keep a couple in the car and one in our daypack for spontaneous play while out and about.


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